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Born Dec 06, 1934
Father Nissankara Guruviah
Mother Subhadhramma
Debut Film Samsaram
Spouse Gemini Ganesan
Location India

     ".She gave many optunities to people who wanted to join films. She had been refused for many roles in cause of her age as she was only 14 so she looked too small for the roles needed so the directors din't accept her. So she contuined with the stage performences

      Later she acted in PELLI CHESI CHOODU was her 1st film on theatre the director was impressed with her perfomence and has done 13 films with her. The most famous role was for the film DEVDAS with was a hatric hit. Mostly she shared the screen with many known actors and even the heros of those times were waiting for a role with her.

      she was well known as SITA to the telugu movie lovers. She acted more than 100 movies in the span of 45 years of her career she was the first actor who has acted for advertisments. Her posters were put up to the fleixes in main centers then many people came to know savitri as an actor. she later married gemini ganeshan the repoters came to know this when she signed for the most presigious lux ads then many hearts were broken this news was printed in the evening news papers.

      she saved many poor people in her own village now the actresses wanted to get a role of savitri many actors have received savitri memorial award for her best performences. Savitri received the RASHTRAPATI AWARD for her performance in telugu movie CHIVARAKU MIGILENDI.

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