Rajinikanth Biography




Born : Dec 12, 1950
Father : ramoji rao
Mother : ramabai
Debut Film : Apoorva Raagangal
Spouse : Latha Rangachari
Location : Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

     Shivaji Rao Gaewkwad widely known as Rajinikanth is an actor, producer, playback singer. He is one of the cultural icon, media personality of the Indian film industry he have acted in Hindi,Telugu,Tamil,Kannada,Malayalam and Bengali too.

      He was basically a bus conductor in Karnataka then he joined Madras film institute to complete Diploma in acting. A well known director K.Bala chandar have given him a simple role in a movie that was his 1st movie in Tamil, as he was basically a tamil actor he din't find it difficult after a typical struggle he found him established and won "SUPER STAR RAJINIKANTH".

      He have done more than 50 films in the span of 4 years that was his struggle in 4 languages this was all possible because of his mannerism,and style during the delivery of dialogues this bought him several fans in mass.

     After a breif gap Rajinikanth acted, produced, wrote, directed the movie called "BABA", which reached the mass fans. Then acted a movie called "Chandramukhi" which was a Malayalam dubbed movie which was again dubbed into many languages and received a very good appreciation to Rajini. After this it was time for "Shivaji", this was the movie which was a block buster and Rajini was paid 26 crores for the film the film received 46 crores. He acted in a movie directed by his daughter Soundarya Rajinikanth which was a computer genrerated imagery film.

     The Governement of India have honoured him with PADMA BUSHAN, he received 5 Tamil International Awards and recently awarded him with PADMA VIBUSHAN in 2016. Rajini have seen many difficulties in life. Rajini in his interview said everthing in life is possible only because hard work and belive in the holy spirit god has belive on us that he has created capable people so we need to do our duties in deed well.

Rajinikanth Movies

Apporva Raagangal