Chiranjeevi Biography




Born : Aug 22, 1955
Father : Venkatrao
Mother : Anjanadevi
Debut Film : Punadhirallu
Spouse : Surekha Konidela
Location :

     Chiranjeevi was born on 22 August 1995. He is an Indian actor, dancer, producer, poltician and member of the Indian National Congress. He first joined Madras Film Intitute and worked primiraly in telugu cinema and it is an unknown fact that he has also worked in Tamil, Kannada and Hindi.He started working in films in 1978 his first film was a telugu movie.

     Chiranjeevi was well known for his Break Dance skills.He was the guest honor of the 59th academy awards for dance. Then he was selected for SWAYAM KRUSHI which was selected for the MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ON 2 nd October 1988

     He founded a "chiranjeevi charitable trust", which also includes eye and blood banks it is a known fact that many people have found their life in this "cct". CCT was inaugrated by APJ ABDUL KALAM when he was the president of India."CCT" have crossed more than 1 lakh blood donners in the span of 38 years. He started his career with "PUNADIRALLU", his 1st released film was "PRANAM KAREDU" was a film which gave him a block buster and introduced him to the telugu audiance. Later in 1982 he began to appear in lead roles directed by famous directors.

     He also acted in multi-starer films."KAIDI" brought him a greater sucesses more than 23 films of chiranjeevi were a block busters and showed him as an established actor. He acted in many roles which showed his acting skills. He also acted in a socio-fantasy movies "Gang leader" was also hit at critics and people called him "suprem hero" and "mega star".

     He got his first film fare for the film "Shubalekha". He got his fist nandi for "Swyam krushi". His nandi special jury for "Rudhraveena", bala chndar said that Chiranjeevi is a mixture of rajinikanth and kamal hassan. In 2008 he has started Prajarajyam party a Poltical Party in the state of Andhra Pradesh he said that social justies was the main agenda of the party. He found him self success.

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