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Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan


Born : Mar 14, 1965
Father : Tahir Hussain
Mother : Zeenat Hussain
Debut Film : Holi
Spouse : Reena Datta
Location :

     Mohammed Aamir Hussian Khan is popularly known as Aamir Khan is an Indian actor, film producer, director. He started a production house in the name of Aamir Khan Productions. Aamir khan through his successful career he established himself as most popular actor in bollywood

      First he appeared as a child actor in "Yadoon ki Baharat" then his experimental role in the film "holi" and began full time acting in 'Qayamat Se Qaymaat Tak'. It was a tragic successfull movie then his career was full of successfull movies.

      Later started a movie called "lagaan" in his own productions the most notable hits of his career was "fanna, rang de basanthi, taare zameen par, pk", a comic drama was 3 idiots, adventurious movie dooom 3, thriller success was gajini these were movies of aamir which he started after a gap of 4 long years which collected millions at the box office and overseas too.

     He was the director of his own movie "TZP" in addition. He also have sparked in television shows called 'sathyameva jayate' which opened with possitive in cause of this he had to face many issues. He have won many filmfares and national awards. The Government Of India have honored with Padmashri.

      Aamir in an interview said that life is an special movement where we need to experience it and help others

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